Facelift: “Ubermetrics Is a Best-Of-Breed Partner for Effective Social Media Management”

Facelift: “Ubermetrics Is a Best-Of-Breed Partner for Effective Social Media Management”
24. June 2019 Ubermetrics

Facelift: „Ubermetrics Is a Best-Of-Breed Partner for Effective Social Media Management”


Longstanding partners Facelift – one of the leading providers for Social Media Management technologies – and Ubermetrics have been offering powerful solutions for communicators for quite some time. But why are the solutions coming out of this partnership so incredibly valuable for digital PR and marketing experts? This is just one of the topics we discussed in our interview with Mirja Grupe. At Facelift, Mirja is responsible for the company’s Global Partner Management and Reseller programme. We also spoke about this year’s social media management trends, upcoming Facelift product innovations as well as Mirja’s passion for her favourite beer “Aletona”:

What Does Facelift Do?

Facelift Cloud is the leading tool for Social Media Management: With Facelift Cloud, our clients publish, promote, manage, monitor and analyse their content, communicate with target publics and activate their communities. Facelift was founded in Hamburg in 2011 and has more than 250 employees today operating out of offices in Hamburg, Paris and Dubai.

Why is Social Media Management So Important?

Today, social media play a major role in our everyday lives and are, therefore, indispensable channels within the marketing mix. Many organisations are fully aware of the commercial potential that is in social media and use these channels effectively in terms of communicating their brand messaging. The advantage for brands is fairly obvious: With the help of social media, organisations are able to get much closer to customers and get access to valuable information about these in the process. They can use such insights to improve their offering and to predict their customers’ future needs. Since social media become more and more complex, it is crucial for companies that they can rely on technologies that support them effectively.

What Was the Main Motivation to Found Facelift?

Benjamin Schroeter and Teja Töpfer founded Facelift in February 2011 because they believed in the immense potential of social media as a marketing channel. And, as it turns out, they were right. True story: In the beginning, our product only existed on paper. They then went on a scouting tour in order to find their first clients. After five or six appointments, they were convinced that their vision could work. A few months later, Facelift had its first client and many more followed. Today, we are one of the leading providers for Social Media Management, globally.

Can You Share an Example of a Typical Facelift Customer?

The “typical” Facelift customer doesn’t really exist. Due to the various modules we offer, the Facelift Cloud is very flexible and, therefore, we can offer perfectly tailored solutions for a broad spectrum of clients. That’s why our client base is very diverse and we are indeed very proud of that. We are also very pleased to have many loyal clients that have grown with us over the years. There are, of course, clients who are special given their sheer size and influence, such as Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, Victorinox, Olympus or Ikea.

What Makes the Facelift Tool Unique?

What distinguishes us is the fact that we have always been very committed to data protection and even took that to a whole other level with the ISO 27001 certification. In addition, our platform is scalable for all different kinds of social media management use cases: we integrate publishing, advertising, engagement and community management within one platform and across all relevant channels. So, in effect, we offer a solution for all use cases, even for organisations with a smaller budget to help them implement effective social media strategies.

How Is Facelift Positioning Itself on the Market?

We offer one of the few all-in-one solutions available anywhere worldwide. What makes us stand out – next to our data security competence, our powerful user roles and rights management, our great workflow management and usability – are soft factors such as our “Facelift Experience”: Our clients truly appreciate it that we’re there for them whenever they need us and also to have regular access to relevant news, trends as well as training.

Facelift and Ubermetrics Have Been Successful Partners for Years. Why?

That’s quite easy to answer: With Facelift Cloud, our customers manage and analyse all aspects of their communication campaigns to see how successful they are in the channels they own. In addition, with Ubermetrics data, our clients can also analyse relevant communication and media coverage they get via earned media channels. This way, they can understand which topics are relevant and resonate with their target audiences, whether their brand is being perceived as positive, if any crises are looming and which trends are popular or widely discussed – all of this gives them a competitive advantage.

Monitoring | Facelift

What Are Facelift’s Product Development Plans, Also in Relation to Ubermetrics?

We want to continue to grow and enter new markets. We’re planning to strengthen our position as an innovator in social media with new products such as the “Facelift Business-Hub” and “Facelift Social-Share-App”. We’re monitoring the latest trends and, together with our customers, turn these into new product ideas.

Our partners play an essential role here. Using a best-of-breed approach, we are able to offer our clients specific solutions in related disciplines, integrated into the Facelift Cloud. And, naturally, here we also count on Ubermetrics as our long-term partner.

What Are the Social Media Management Trends for 2019?

Messenger marketing will become even more important, especially within customer service functions. That’s why we are excited to be one of the first WhatsApp business solution providers: Our customers will soon be able to use WhatsApp in their corporate communication via the Facelift Cloud.

Customer Service 2.0 With Facelift Cloud and the WhatsApp Business API

Please Share a Secret About You With Us!

What many people do not know about me is that I am brewing my own beer, together with some friends. We started that a long time before all the craft beer hype. Since we are brewing beer as a hobby, we can only produce our “Aletona” – a pale ale from Altona – in very small quantities. But, we already built up a small fanbase at our soccer club Altona 93 – and, frankly, that grew in more traditional ways, without the help of social media. 😉


Mirja Grupe

The Ubermetrics team thanks Mirja Grupe wholeheartedly for this interesting interview.

Mirja Grupe is responsible for Facelift’s Global Partner Management & Reseller programme.

Please connect with her via LinkedInXING or Twitter.